STICPAY Local BankWire - Withdrawal

What is Local Bank Wire?

Local bank wire option allows you to receive funds from STICPAY partner bank in your country to your bank account in your own currency.
By using local banking system in your country, it eliminates the intermediary bank costing 2-3 days as well as higher transfer fees incurred
from international bank wire.

What are the benefits of using Local Bank Wire?

Most importantly,Local Bank Wire service saves time and money.
This is made possible by receiving money directly from STICPAY partnered local bank, unlike international bank wires.
It also makes it easier for anyone to send money by a few clicks rather than the traditional way of sending money internationally.

Example :
Ms. Hiroshige resides in Japan and has a Japanese bank account. As a STICPAY user, she was reluctant to withdraw funds from international bank wires due to the high costs and longer time for the transfers. Now, with STICPAY’s new “Local Bank Wire” services in place, Ms. Hiroshige does not have to hesitate when withdrawing funds. All she has to do is to add her Japanese bank account information and the funds will be available to withdraw from her account within the same day.

In which countries can I use
Local Bank Wire Services for withdrawals?

Local Bank Wire Services are only available at STICPAY for the first time in the industry with over 50 countries enabled worldwide. If you have a bank account in one of these countries, you can receive funds much faster than international bank wires.

Local bank wire even works in countries where international transfer is very inefficient.

You can now take advantage of STICPAY’s fast and reliable local bank wire services in many of the countries listed below.

Supported countries



South Korea





STICPAY Local Bank Wire - Deposit

Can I use Local Bank Wire for making deposits
to STICPAY account?

Yes. If you have a bank account in one of the countries listed below, you are able to use local bank wire option
for making deposits to your STICPAY account.

Example :
David resides in UK and has a UK bank account. As a STICPAY user in the approved country, he can deposit funds to STICPAY account using our partner bank in the UK.