Global Coverage, Local Expertise

Join STICPAY and enjoy quick and easy money transfers worldwide.
We support customized payment options for each country to make your payment experience even better.

Global Coverage, Local Expertise
Global Coverage, Local Expertise

Deposit & Withdrawal

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MethodsMoney-In FeeMoney-Out Fee
Debit/Credit Card
visaMastercardJBCAmerican Express
Money-In Fee
Money-Out Fee
Local Payments
Money-In Fee
1% ~ 5%
Money-Out Fee
1% ~ 3.5%
International Bank Wire
Money-In Fee
1% ~ 3.5%
Money-Out Fee

Internal Transfer

MethodsCurrencySender FeeReceiver Fee
Sender Fee
Receiver Fee
Sender Fee
Receiver Fee
Global coverage in over 200 countries

Global coverage
in 200+ countries

STICPAY provides a simple and rich array of deposit and withdrawl methods that stretch across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. STICPAY is used in over 200 countries worldwide.
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Borderless payments with 500+ payment methods

Borderless payments with
500+ payment methods

STICPAY goes beyond global payment methods like VISA and MASTERCARD, bank transfers (SWIFT), or cryptocurrencies. We extend our offerings to include convenient domestic payment solutions such as Alipay and UPI for both deposits and withdrawals within the STICPAY digital wallet.
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Affordable Global Payments

Affordable global payments

With STICPAY, you can make payments to your preferred merchants at reasonable fees.

Discover the swiftness and cost-effectiveness of the convenient payment methods provided by STICPAY and local banking services, which skip the delays and hefty fees of international banks. Explore the diverse payment methods and fees offered by STICPAY.

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Real-time payments at over 5000 global merchants

Instant payments accepted at more than 5,000 global merchants

A single STICPAY account allows you to make payments in over 30 currencies at partnered merchants worldwide. Our straightforward payment process and real-time system ensure you can make your payments quickly and easily.

Benefit from cashback rewards by using STICPAY for payments at partner merchants. STICPAY will credit a percentage of your transaction value, providing you with added value.

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Cashback Program

Manage all your currency accounts
with just one STICPAY Wallet

Easily monitor all your currency accounts with STICPAY. You can manage over 30 currencies, including USD and EUR, in one STICPAY digital wallet. Enjoy simplified payments, currency exchange, and seamless deposits and withdrawals with your single STICPAY e-wallet.

Manage all currency accounts with a single STICPAY walletManage all currency accounts with a single STICPAY wallet

Join STICPAY today!

Borderless payments with the power of one STICPAY multi-currency wallet

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