STICPAY is a global E-wallet service without the boundaries of locations.
You can send/receive money via your STICPAY account within one minute regardless of where the sender/receiver is.

  • smiling person from ukSteve in England

  • Send money via STICPAY
    It takes just one minute

  • smiling person from ukHiroshige in japan

Example :
Steve from England wants to send money to Hiroshige in Japan. Without STICPAY, Steve’s only option is to send money via international transfer. For these types of services, traditional banks charge high transactional fees and it takes at least 2-3days to clear. If Steve and Hiroshige both had STICPAY accounts, the entire transaction takes just under a minute with STICPAY's E-Money technology.

In other words, STICPAY makes your international transfers
to your friends and family abroad faster and easier with the minimum fees.

Add Money to Steve’s STICPAY account

“Ways to add money to a Sticpay Account”

How would Steve from England transfer money to Hiroshige in Japan?

1. Add (deposit) money to his STICPAY account
- Credit Card (Visa, Master)
- Local Bank Wire
- Cryptocurrencies

2. Transfer money to Hiroshige’s STICPAY Account

Use Money in Hiroshige’s STICPAY Account

“Ways to use money received in Sticpay ”

How would Hiroshige in Japan use (withdraw) money from her STICPAY account??

1.Withdraw to her local bank in Japan from her STICPAY account(not an international transfer: local transfer linked to STICPAY partner banks)

2.Use STIC Card. STIC Cards are accepted all over the world in offline stores. Withdraw using any ATM machine.

3.Transfer money to STICPAY enabled merchant accounts instantly online.

4.Transfer money to STICPAY user accounts instantly online.

Can you explain the advantages of using STICPAY local ?

Unless it’s a local bank transfer, sending money takes 2-3 days categorised
by the withdrawing bank as international transfers.

  • local bank

    Your local bank account

  • Local payout request
    Bank to bank transfer
  • sticpay bank

    STICPAY enabled local bank

STICPAY has pioneered the local payout using local banks.
The local payout service is currently available in over 8 countries worldwide. However, we’re actively expanding to many more markets to keep up with the demands. The countries listed below are where you can use STICPAY local payout services today.

Local Money Out Countries List

Limit Per Transaction
JPJapanLocal Bank WireJPYJP¥ 800 + 2%MAX JP¥ 990,000
MIN JP¥ 3,000
1 to 2 business day
HKHong KongLocal Bank WireHKDHK$ 30.00 + 2%MAX HK$ 100,000.00
MIN HK$ 500.00
1 to 2 business day
IDIndonesiaLocal Bank WireIDRIDR 20,000 + 1.5%MAX IDR 25,000,000
MIN IDR 250,000
1 to 2 business day
MYMalaysiaLocal Bank WireMYRMYR 40.00 + 1.5%MAX MYR 20,000.00
MIN MYR 200.00
1 to 2 business day
SGSingaporeLocal Bank WireSGDSGD 3.00 + 1.5%MAX SGD 5,000.00
MIN SGD 40.00
1 to 2 business day
CNChinaLocal Bank WireCNYCN¥ 30.00 + 2.5%MAX CN¥ 10,000.00
MIN CN¥ 1,000.00
1 to 2 business day
KRSouth KoreaLocal Bank WireKRW₩ 5,000 + 2%MAX ₩ 5,300,000
MIN ₩ 20,000
1 to 2 business day
PHPhilippinesLocal Bank WirePHPPHP 130.00 + 1.5%MAX No Limit
MIN PHP 1,000.00
1 to 2 business day
THThailandLocal Bank WireTHBTHB 80.00 + 1.5%MAX THB 2,000,000.00
MIN THB 500.00
1 to 2 business day
AUAustraliaLocal Bank WireAUDA$ 3.00 + 1.5%MAX No Limit
MIN A$ 20.00
1 to 2 business day

Who are STICPAY Merchants?

Sticpay partnered with many merchant accounts in diverse industries (online shops, online games companies, FX margin trading brokers, etc.). You can use Sticpay e-wallet to make instant online purchases as well as our real time statements for refunds. It is the ideal payment solution for merchants with multinational client base. Our fast and convenient transactions made many loyal clients satisfied with our commitment to process deposit / withdrawal in less than a minute.

“process deposit / withdrawal in less than a minute ”
  • standing merchant people

    STICPAY Users

  • Pay/Transfer funds within a minute
    STICPAY Merchant service providers
  • merchant web page

    STICPAY Merchant service providers

How do merchants withdraw settled funds by clients?

Merchants can use STICPAY e-wallet for services online to check real time transactions for customers globally.
To withdraw funds settled by the customers, merchants can use local bank wire or international bank wire.

local_bankLocal Bank
international_bankInternational Bank
“I want to withdraw money from
my merchant account.”

Local Bank Payout

International Bank Transfer

How do I apply for a STICPAY account?

It takes less than 3 minutes of your time to have your own STICPAY account.

To do transactions, you will need to be approved by our onboarding team as we need to abide
by the AML rules. To get approved, we will need to see two forms of documents as listed below.

identityProof of Legal Identity
poa-iconProof of Address

Proof of Legal Identity(Government issued ID, Drivers License, Passport, etc.)

Proof of Address(Government issued residential registration, reoccurring statements to the address, etc.)

You can do all of these with your smart phone by taking pictures of the documents and uploading them
on our mobile friendly website.

Who should use STICPAY the most?

Sticpay is a global payment service for peer to peer transfers and online purchases. For online merchants with global customers, Sticpay is the best e-commerce operator for international transactions. For individuals, Sticpay is popular for the low transfer fees who might have upcoming trips abroad. For businesses and individuals who are using non-major currencies, Sticpay is the ideal e-commerce operator.

STICPAY enables multi currency settlements for businesses selling services globally.

STICPAY is useful especially for non-major currencies used for traveling abroad and online international purchases. You can save a lot by using local ATM machine for withdrawals with STIC Card.

Any international transfers to and from your friends and family can be done instantly with accounts’ internal transfer option.

  • People staring at this with a smileGlobal Customers
  • currency symbols
    Local Currency Settlement
  • City view with lights on buildings in the eveningGlobal Businesses
  • Speech bubble of a person who sent money to a friend through STICPAYJapanese person smiling brightlyIn Japan

  • Borderless Money Transfer
  • Speech bubble of a Chinese person who asks what to dosmiling personIn China
  • The hand of a person paying with a cardKorean Merchant
  • Provide goods / services to
    Chinese online merchants

    Pay with STICPAY internationally

    Receive payments from Chinese merchants selling Korean goods/services in China instantly.

  • Chinese person's hand holding a card in front of a laptopChinese Merchant

How was your experience?



“I use to send money to my parents abroad. Sending money was costly and took 3 days. With Sticpay, my parents can now get money immediately and conveniently.”


flagChen in Hong Kong


“Unless I convert to major currencies ($ or Euro), exchange fees were too high for me. Sticpay allows me to travel without worrying about high exchanges fees as I can withdraw local currencies from the local ATM machines.”


flagInoue in Japan


“I use Sticpay for my FX margin trading account. Now, I don’t have to worry about deposit/withdrawal as it’s done instantly with Sticpay where I can manage the risk real time.”


flagNakamura in Japan

Any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our friendly Sticpay support!
To serve you faster and more efficiently, Sticpay responds to your queries online only (no phones but email us).

support generalAccount, General Inquiryaccount@sticpay.com
support fundsFunds Inquiryfunds@sticpay.com
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