Registration and login

For new accounts application, click on “Sign Up” button on the top right corner and follow the process from the link.
Our account opening team will normally process your application within one business day.

If you haven’t received an activation email from us, there can be two possibilities
1) Wrong email address was entered during the application
2) Your email blocks automatically generated messages
In case you cannot retrieve our emails in your spam folder, please contact us at: account@sticpay.com and we can regenerate the message for you.

My account

“My Account” is the first page you see upon logging into the Member area. Here you can find your recent transactions history, information about your accounts, as well as details about the security tools used in your account. You can also create an additional account here.

To transfer funds, you need to use your email address, which is your login ID.

No, you cannot. All payments made within the system are final and irreversible.



First of all, you need to verify your account. Upon verification, you should go to the “Money-in” section and choose the "Bank Wire" option.
Once the page opens, you can see the bank information to send your funds.

The minimum amount is currently 100 USD or its equivalent in other currency. This number may change with no prior notice.

Money transfers via bank wire usually take from 3 to 5 business days. The money is credited to your account immediately once we receive the transfer from your bank.

For bank wires, 5% transfer fee is applied. However, depending on the bank you use (beneficiary or intermediary) the actual deposit amount can be different.

Sometimes transfers take longer than 5 days. Please contact the bank to process your order and notify of the delay.
Check whether the bank’s name matches the one you specified in your transfer order.

You can see the information in Money in menu.

Withdrawal via bank transfer

To do money out into a bank account you need to register your bank account information in “Bank Account” tab first, Once all the necessary information are filled in correctly, you can go to Money out tab and request money out via bank wire. Your money will be transferred to your bank account within 2~5 business days.

We process the withdrawals within one business day. However, bank transfer usually takes 3-5 business days.

For bank withdrawals, the minimum amount is 100 USD. For other withdrawal methods, the minimum amount is 10 USD.

There is no limit on the amounts for money out. But when you transfer very large amounts your bank might request the account status to be one of a corporate client.

STICPAY offers its services with almost countries except of certain jurisdictions such as Cuba, Sudan, Syria and North Korea and listed / relevant parties of Consolidated United Nations Security Council Sanctions Lists.

Withdrawal from STIC Card

STIC Card is accepted in all over world and can be used in online and offline merchants. Also cash withdrawal is available for any ATM machine which supports Uniopay. Clients can get STIC card as free-of-charge from STICPAY and transfer of fund from STICPAY account is also convenient with minimum fee.

Questions about fees, commissions and payouts

For bank deposits, 5% transfer fee is applied. You can check the fee schedule
here: http://www.sticpay.com/fees

We charge 1%(up to 35 USD) transaction fees for member to member transfers. However, for member to merchant transfers, 2.5% + $0.3 transaction fees are applied.


  • 1) Have you activated your STIC Card at card homepage? You need to do this after charging money to your stic card.
  • 2) Does the ATM have Unionpay logo? Only ATMs with Unionpay logo can be used.
  • 3) Select "English" or "Other transactions" on the ATM machines.

You can only active the card after transfering/changing money from your Sticpay account.
This process could take up to 2 business days.

We can reissue your Stic card with 130 HKD processing fee and $40 delivery charges. Please email stic_card@sticpay.com for more information on reordering Stic cards.

Yes. Any online merchants that take Unionpay will take your Stic card. Fees are waived for online transactions.

Please check if you have minimum balance of $110 in your Sticpay account before applying for a STIC card ($40 delivery charges + 500 HKD initial top up). STIC cards are not available for the residents in the restricted countries listed below. (STIC cards cannot be used in those countries)


Cote d'lvoire(Ivory Coast)

Congo, Democratic Republic of the



Guinea, Republic of




North Korea






The name can have up to 18 characters. In case your name exceeds 18 characters, just put the first initial in a capital letter.

If your name does not exceed 18 characters, you need to put your full name to match your passport name.

Stic cards are sent from Hong Kong and unless you live in Asia, there can be additional shipping and handling fees.
In these cases, we email you about the additional charges and only process with your consent.

Stic card has the same exchange rates as what Unionpay has for each currency. These rates are similar to any other credit card exchange rates. The currency rate will be applied on a T+2 day basis.

For the limitation of being a prepaid card, it is only possible if you use STIC Card as a credit card deposit method in you Sticpay account (standard credit card charges apply).