Anytime Anywhere STIC Card

STIC Card allows you to use your money in STICPAY E-wallet anywhere in the world. If you are a STICPAY user, you can apply online with just a few steps and start using STIC card by easy transfers from your STICPAY account.

Sticpay partnered with Unionpay’s Prepaid card services. It allows you to use your Stic card in all over the world for ATM withdrawlas, online and offline purchases that accept Unionpay. You can use up to HKD15,000 ($2,000)a day for online and offline purchases and HKD25,000($5,000) for ATM withdrawals (monthly limit : HKD75,000($9,500) / for purchases and withdrawals combined)

Why STIC Card?

· STIC Card brand gives you the immediate credibility worldwide.

· No need to worry about currency fluctuations: conversion rates apply when STIC cards are charged (except for HKD account).


· Charging your STIC card is done instantly by your STICPAY online account.


· It allows you to use your STIC card in all over the country for ATM withdrawlas, online and offline purchases that accept Unionpay.

Easy STIC Card Charge - Up

STIC Card are chargeable with your money in STICPAY account. You can charge your STIC cards online in my page and use it within one business day.

What do i need to apply for STIC Card?

"To be eligible for STIC card application, you just need to have more than $110 in your Sticpay account."

*Minimum balance of $110 is needed in your Sticpay account for us to process your STIC cards ($40 delivery charges + 500 HKD initial top up).

It typically takes between 2-3 weeks from Stic card application to receiving your card.

Important Reminders

We will contact you if there are additional delivery charges incurred due to your address. Please email us for further queries.

How do i charge STIC CARD?

Once your Stic card is delivered, you need to active.
To start charging your Stic card, you need to have money in your Sticpay account.


1. "My page - STIC card-money charge" apply for transfer (minimum HKD 500)

2. Approval for charging (1 business day)


When setting up PASSWORD for existing PIN, use the PIN on the back of the card

Card Activation

2-1 "Card Activation"

2-2 Set up password and "Activate"


You can use STIC Card as soon as money charging is approved. In the STIC card homepage, you can check your balance, transaction, password charges, etc.

STIC Card Fees and Limits

Daily and Monthly Limits

Action Amount
Daily Point of Sale Transactions HKD 15,000 (US $ 2,000)
(Monthly point of Sale Transactions)POS HKD 75,000 (US $ 9,500)
Daily ATM Withdrawals HKD 40,000 (US $ 5,000)
Monthly ATM withdrawals HKD 75,000 (US $ 9,500)


Transaction type Transaction fee
Load Handling Fee 1.3%
Card Replacement handling Fee HKD 130
Minimum load amount HKD 500
Handling Fee of overseas Purchase *Free
ATM withdrawal Fee Minimum 20 HKD or 1% of withdrawal
amount excluding overseas purchase fee
Account Management Fee HKD 10 / month from 13th month of issuance of STIC card
Balance Enquiry Online:Free | CRS:Free | ATM: HKD 5
Issuance Fee (Only delivery charges will be applied)
Card Renewal Handling Fee HKD 130

*Currency exchange rate will be determine by Card Issuer.
*STIC Card is available to use for 2 years after initial activation, and you must renew the card after expiration.
For renewal card, please contact to

Banned Countries

Finally a list of all banned countries. If you are located in one of them (or just travel within those countries) you are not allowed to use STICPAY at all:


Cote d'lvoire(Ivory Coast)

Congo, Democratic Republic of the



Guinea, Republic of




North Korea