How to Verify Your STICPAY Account
May 10 2021

After you open an account on STICPAY, you’ll need to verify it to use our services without limitations. Find out how to verify your account below!

Here’s how to Verify Your STICPAY Account in a few Simple Steps:

 You need to upload the following documents to verify your account:

  • Proof of Address (POA)
  • Proof of Legal Existence (PLE)

You will find more information about what kind of documents we accept as POA and PLE in the sections below.

To upload your POA and PLE documents, first, log into your STICPAY account. Then, go to the “DOCUMENTS” menu and select the “Account” submenu and fill in all required information. Then, select the 'Proof of Address' or 'Proof of Legal Existence' tab, and scan and upload a clear copy of your Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Existence (POE).

Let’s Start With Your POA (Proof of Address)

Please go to the Proof Of Address section and fill in all the information that's marked with an asterisk (*). Then, click on “BROWSE” to upload your POA document. JPG, PNG, and PDF are the only formats accepted.  

As a POA, we accept utility bills and bank statements, but not mobile phone or joint-named bills.

For your POA to be approved quickly, please make sure to follow these requirements:

1. Clear scan: the scan of the document needs to be clearly readable and it should be a scan of the full document.

2. Exact name: the POA needs to be under your name, not a relative's name or someone else's name.

3. Match in names: the name that you used during your STICPAY registration needs to be the same as the name on the POA document.

4. No joint names: please don't provide utility bills or bank statements in joint names (your name + someone else's name). The POA should be in your name only.

5. Clear information: utility bills should clearly display what services were charged for, and bank statements should clearly display the transaction history.

6. Issue date: bank statements are only accepted if they have an issue date, not a statement period, and were issued less than 3 months ago.

7. Clear bank logo: bank statements need to show the bank logo clearly.

8. No mobile bill: mobile phone bills are not accepted as POA.

9. Match in addresses: the address filled out during the registration process needs to match the address on the POA document.

Next, Upload Your PLE (Proof of Legal Existence) Document

Please select the “Proof of Legal Existence” section and fill in all the information. Then, click on “BROWSE” to upload your PLE document. Please

make sure to upload copies of the front and backside of your PLE document.

As a PLE, we accept passports, national IDs, and driver’s licenses, but not tax, resident, or company IDs. 

To assure faster verification, please make sure that your PLE document follows the requirements below:

1. Clear scan: the scan of the documents needs to be clearly readable and should display the full document.

2. Scan of both sides: If you use your driver's license or National ID as PLE, both sides need to be scanned and uploaded (front and back copy).

3. Match in names: The name on your PLE document needs to match the name that you used during the registration process.

4. Match in dates of birth: The date of birth on your PLE document needs to match the date of birth you provided during registration. In some cases, we might request to attach additional documents for PLE through email.

After you Uploaded Your POA & PLE Documents 

You can check the status of your account verification in the “Account’ submenu. The documents will appear as pending until they have been approved. As long as your documents are under review, you won’t be able to upload new documents.

We might request additional documents or confirm your account through email. You can contact our support team for any questions.

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