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Three Reasons to choose STIC Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are different from debit cards as prepaid cards are not linked to bank accounts: you have to load money onto the card in advance and then you can make in-store and online purchases, pay bills, and withdraw cash from the ATMs.

Why do people use prepaid cards?

  • Prevent overspending and control budget: you cannot spend more than the amount you have already deposited
  • For those who prefer an independence and privacy from banks, or don’t have checking accounts, or can’t get approved from bank for a credit card, prepaid card is an alternative way to control money with partnership without a bank being involved.

Prepaid cards vary by the issuer company: key and niche financial players, (sometimes it can be collaborations between businesses), purpose of usage (transit card, beauty gift cards, travel card, health savings card, business, insurance, others), and regions.

STIC card

STIC card is prepaid card issued by a global e-wallet STICPAY. Once you sign up with STICPAY e-wallet services, you may apply for STIC card on the website. Once the documents (Proof of legal Identity and Proof of Address) are verified, card is sent to the provided address, user may then transfer funds to their prepaird card through e-wallet account.

Broad Geography

Sticpay partnered with Unionpay’s Prepaid card services. It allows you to use your STIC card all over the world for ATM withdrawals, online and offline purchases that accept Unionpay. UnionPay cards are accepted in 174 countries worldwide (Europe, Asia and more). That is a tremendous benefit for STIC card global users: prepaid cards issued by other e-wallets such as the Skrill prepaid Mastercard, Net+ Prepaid Mastercard, ecoCard by ECOPAYZ are available only to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Equal Conditions for all

Many e-wallets have account levels system depends on user activity on platforms. For instance, only Silver level holders and above can get prepaid cards from Ecopayz. Also Skrill, NETELLER and Ecopayz offer different limits on prepaid card daily and monthly withdrawal in ATMs as well as online and in-store transactions depending on the account level. Difference can be as much as 4 times between different levels. Sticpay does not have account level system and offers the same conditions for all users:

Lower Withdrawal Fees

All e-wallets charge for approximately the same service: administrative fees for prepaid card accounts, ATM withdrawal fees, Card Renewal, Transactions Foreign Exchange, and etc. Withdrawal fee from STICPAY account to STIC card (1.3%) is lower than that of Skrill and Neteller (2.5%) prepaid cards. STICPAY (1%) fee for ATM withdrawals is also lower than competitors: Skrill (1.75%), NETELLER (3.95%) and Ecopayz (2%).

If you are a STICPAY user, you can apply online with just a few steps and start using STIC card by easy transfers from your STICPAY account. If you haven’t signed up for STICPAY yet but active in online purchases, international money transfer, trader or gamer — we invite you sign up for STICPAY e-wallet.