STICPAY Wallet Guide

    en_US wallet guide02

    You can add new wallets on 'WALLETS >E-Wallet' in Mypage

    en_US wallet guide02

    Select the currency for your new wallet.

    en_US wallet guide03

    Click 'Add" button after selecting currency.

    en_US wallet guide04

    Confirm the currency for your new wallet and click "Yes" if it is correctly selected. Click "No" if you do not want to add.

    en_US wallet guide05

    - New wallet application usually takes one working day to process.

    - No new wallets can be created while the existing application is pending.

    - You can “Cancel” to change currency while the application is pending.

    en_US wallet guide06

    - Once approved, you can see your new wallet in Mypage.

    - You can add additional wallets if you need other currencies.

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