Aumente su negocio en línea

Varias opciones de pago con una sola integración

Un ID de comerciante: administra varias cuentas de divisas


Merchant fees


Providing cards available around the world to clients. Comprehensive coverage of services for worldwide customers.

Various deposit methods and low fees: Deposit directly to STICPAY via VISA/MASTER, UnionPay or Bitcoin with minimum fee.

Domestic (local) bank withdrawal option: Clients can withdraw from their domestic bank within 1 business day.* Countries available for local payout (Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong)

Providing a convenient API and easy documentation for merchants.

Internal transfers fee 1% & 2.5%+$0.3 customer to merchant.

Supporting 24-hours customer center for all clients.


A list of merchants who can pay through STICPAY online system

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